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Hi, I'm Cassie

Create - Playful - Compassionate - Purposeful
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Hi, I’m Cassie! For the past 10 years, I’ve trained some of the most amazing animals, from exotic parrots to marine mammals to service dogs.  Throughout my life, I’ve loved capturing animals’ expressions and finding a way to show off what they are thinking or possibly thinking. As an animal trainer, it's incorrect to anthropomorphize animals, however, even though they don’t speak "human' and as a photographer, I aim to capture their visual voices.


Every relationship has a story to tell, so why not share your pet’s? Let’s show off their quirks and smirks, and their boops and snoots. During our shoot, I'll strive to make your fur baby comfortable to show off their truest self. 


When I’m not photographing your fur babies, you can find me volunteering with Young Williams Animal Center, watching favorite reruns with my husband while snuggling my kitties, or enjoying a good brunch.

Knoxville Pet Photographer

Married My Best Friend

Knoxville Pet Photographer

My First Born
Captian Leonard David Oates aka Leo

Knoxville Pet Photographer

Raymond James &
Rachet "Hammy" Hamilton

Knoxville Pet Photographer

Foster Fail Tripod
Orion the Hunter

Sassy & Fam

Sassy 108.jpeg

Kallie & Fam

Kallie Baker (10).jpeg

Michelle & Ace

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